Every shot hits the target

At the archery course on Jufenalm

HSV Saalfelden has built a top archery course for us at the Jufenalm.

A large archery range is located right in front of the Jufenalm.

The archery course features 28 3D animals in the summer and 14 animals in the winter, which blend right into the environment. The route is well indicated and very easy to find – for those who fancy some archery but don’t consider themselves to be forest rangers. 
Enjoy a few unique hours of peace, quiet and concentration – you’ll see that it’s well worth it! 

You are able to rent arrows and accessories at the Jufenalm.

You can choose from longbows and recurve bows in various strengths, along with bows for the little ones, of course.

If you want to come with a bigger group, please give us a call in advance +43 6584 / 7152 

Many thanks!