You can meet wildlife at the Jufenalm...

...while enjoying a dream view of Maria Alm and its surroundings. 

From here you can observe numerous local animals in their natural environment. In the various enclosures of the Jufenalm you will find red deer, moufflons, alpacas, ponies, goats, peacocks, silkies, chickens, rabbits and a donkey.

The stroking and feeding of some of these beautiful animals is a special experience for all ages.

The wildlife reserve is well worth visiting at any time of the year - for instance, in spring you have the chance of seeing the strong deer discarding their antlers. From May you can see the first young animals at the reserve. In August all the wild animals are taking their young for a walk, the red deer sweep their antlers and it gets really interesting when the big deer rutting season begins from September or the start of October. 

To avoid too many wild fights in this time, the most aggressive deer are placed in two different reserves. As well as the animal’s offspring, there are always interesting new wild animals finding their way into the reserve.

Real adventure…

Experiencing these marvellous animals in this wonderful environment is a real adventure for big and small, many of whom only know wildlife from the TV these days.